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What is CYouMove?

So what is up with CYouMove?

Whenever I tell someone of what I do, it seems to barely scratch the surface to just say “I teach dance and family/kids yoga”. It may seem to be a bit of an odd combination but at the end of the day it is all MOVEMENT that I believe is important to explore and share with others.

Moving the human body is a beautiful gift.

A gift that we can use to…

  • connect to ourselves and others.

  • maintain our mental and physical health as we age

  • create and find beauty in the world around us

It took me a long time to truly appreciate this gift.

I started taking dance lessons when I was 5 and even though there have been ups and downs, I honestly have no idea where I would be or who I would be if I did not dance.

Growing up in a dance studio, I trained in the very small world of Western dance styles. It was not until I continued my dance education in University that I was exposed to International dances. Learning more about dance styles from around the world helped me gain different perspectives outside of my rose-coloured glasses. Dance is an important teacher and story-teller that carries a lot of history and culture.

Throughout my studies, I was exposed to a movement vocabulary that dissects ways in which the body can move- something called creative movement. As a dancer trained in styles involving a set technique and not much room for creative expression, I found creative movement to be very challenging and a little scary. After many years of trying to “master” creative movement, I learned that everything the body does is beautiful and meant to be explored without judgement.

Yoga has much of the same mindset- practice yoga in a way that feels good for you and your body. I have been practicing Yoga for 10 years now and teaching Kids Yoga for the past 4 years.

Exploring creative movement through dance and yoga has helped me tap into my body’s intuition and connect with my playful and curious spirit.

Creative movement is carried through to all of the services I offer. The more obvious, kids/family yoga involves a lot of creative movement exploration where we will often create new yoga poses together.

My wedding and partner dance services are much the same- I create an outline of a dance but make sure to leave lots of room to explore, play and get curious about what feels good for their bodies.

I started CYouMove to share my passion for movement and creative expression to people of all ages and abilities. I truly believe that everyone can find joy and connection through movement.

Whether it be dance or yoga, moving with me encourages play, curiosity and fun.

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