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Personalized private dance/movement & partner dance lessons

1:2 Dance Lessons

Learn to dance with your partner! These lessons are designed to get you and your partner more comfortable with moving and grooving together. Learn a mix of solo moves and partner dance moves that can be done to any song. Dance with your partner with confidence and say yes to the dance floor! 

**Option to add a glass of champagne/sparkling wine 

Check out the benefits of learning to dance with your partner in my blog post - 12 reasons why you should learn to dance with your partner

What Couples are Saying:

"My partner and got a dancing session to learn some nice couples dance moves and Clara did not disappoint! She was prepared, a very observant and helpful teacher who knows how to help warm up and get in the mood for some dancing. She asked some specific songs in advance so we could dance to them which was very fun and made the session feel very personal. She was great at giving pointers and was very positive and upbeat. Will be coming back and would definitely recommend!" - Iain C.

"We've been together for 32 years and never been comfortable dancing together, even when no one was watching. But that is changing for us and we are having so much fun! I can't recommend Clara highly enough. She creates such a safe environment to experiment, learn, and grow." - Jennifer W.

1:1 Dance Lessons

Let's get dancing! These lessons are built around your dance goals. We will work within the style(s) that interest you and any requests for specific improvements (flexibility, posture, conditioning, technique, choreography etc.) Offered In-Person or Virtually. 

What to Expect (will vary depending on your dance goals):

  • Build self-confidence and creative expression

  • Improve technique 

  • Increase physical activity and fitness

  • Improve posture and range of motion

  • Build a strong work ethic

  • Learn and experience different dance styles

1:1 Movement sessions

Let's get moving! These movement sessions are built around your interests and needs. We work together to define your movement goals without the structure of a specific dance style. If you want to become more comfortable with moving your body but are not sure where to start, request to book with me today and I will get you there! Offered In-Person or Virtually. Ages 15+

What to Expect:

  • Build self-confidence and creative expression

  • Increase physical activity and fitness

  • Improve posture and range of motion

  • Become more in tune with your body

  • Find emotional release through movement

  • Explore different ways of moving

  • Loosen up and release tension held in your body

  • Relieve Stress and improve your mood

What clients are saying:

"Clara is a gift. I was completely new to dance, I always had a love for it, but never pursued it. As an individual with anxiety, I wanted it, but was all kinds of nervous about doing it, to say the least. By the end of the first lesson, I was hooked. I am immensely grateful that she helped me explore my love of dance, and I am so glad that I was able to start out with her as my teacher. She is the best individual to learn from because she is patient, kind, and she herself dances with so much passion, and elegance. She taught me to love every way I danced because there isn't a wrong way to dance. As long as you feel it, it's real. Clara is a gift, anyone considering or nervous to experience dance, I wholeheartedly encourage you to ask for Clara because she is everything you could hope for when you're just starting out." -Dillon L.

"Thank you for the incredibly warm, loving, cozy vibes you provided tonight during cozy movement! As a non-dancer, I was a little scared but you put me at ease right from the beginning and it felt so good to explore and move my body! I'm so inspired by your website and what you said about being able to move well into our 60s and I loved just exploring movement freely and in a safe environment. You are so warm and that warmth translated even over zoom and I cannot thank you enough for that! That was so fun and I feel so good!" - Meher P.

"Clara is an incredibly gifted teacher! I began working with her individually with the goal of just getting a little more comfortable moving my body to music when I was alone. I never imagined how transformative the experience would be, and I would not have believed that two months after starting to work with Clara I would dance with confidence and joy all night long at my daughter's wedding! My partner (even less inclined to dance than me!) was so impressed with what he saw happening for me that he wanted come and learn with Clara too. Honestly, she's changed my life in such beautiful ways." - Jennifer W.


Please check out En Avant Dance if you are looking for group dance lessons for your child and/or an opportunity for your child to compete in local dance competitions.

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Please check out ONE Dance Centre if you are interested in group Adult dance classes. 

From Beginner to Advanced Drop-In Classes

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