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Move & connect with nature

Last week, I had a bad day. Those come up every now and then but I have learned beautiful ways to clear my head, shift my perspective and connect to myself and others in nature. On this particular day, both Jason and myself were having an off day so we decided to go for a walk through the trails by our home.

“Hello my friends, we've missed you!”- this is how Jason greets the trees every time we begin our walk.

The trees gave me strength and comfort as I walked among them. I stood next to one tree and put my hands on them, soaking in the vibrations of life and energy. I shared the thoughts that weighed heavy on my soul and in return the tree gave me strength and a clear mind. Suddenly these concerns and negative thoughts all felt very small and unimportant among the trees. I cried and thanked the trees, feeling lighter and at peace. This is one way I choose to move with nature to reconnect with myself and this beautiful world.

You may be thinking, “ok that’s great Clara but that is not how I feel when I go for a walk.” I am sharing my story as an example of just ONE of the many ways to connect with nature. And this one may or may not resonate with you but I do think there is at least one way of moving with nature that you could give a try!

Why Connect with nature? It is good for your soul. I truly believe that humans are meant to be outside moving with nature as much as possible. Leave the tech behind for a bit, go outside, and just breathe. Take in the fresh air with each mindful breath. It is an opportunity to check in with yourself and how you are feeling. Check in with your senses- feel the sun on your face, what do you smell, hear, see?

“In some Native languages the term for plants translates to ‘those who take care of us’” - Robin Wall Kimmerer

4 ways to connect with nature

1. Journal outside

If journaling is your thing or you’ve always wanted to try, take it outside! Write down your thoughts, what your are grateful for, or sketch what you see and it may turn out to be abstract art ;) Just put pen to paper and fill your lungs with some fresh air!

2. Exercise/move outside

I am all about movement hygiene and doing a little bit of mindful movement every day. Moving outside is my all time favourite, especially when I feel like my motivation is low to get a workout in at home. Walk, run, garden, yoga, dance, kick/throw a ball around with your kids or partner.

3. Do something you really enjoy outside

Think of your favourite hobby and try it outside! Read, paint, eat, sing, dance, draw, take pictures!

4. Connect with other people outside

Enjoy your favourite hobbies outside with your friends and family. If you are anything like my husband, you may have a hard time sitting still and talking with friends. He prefers connecting with others when doing some sort of activity and even better when it is outside.

Create, play, and move with others outside!

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