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How to avoid an empty dance floor at your wedding

Most of us can think back to at least one wedding where the dance floor was bare and the guests went home early…maybe even more than one. If you haven’t experienced this, do not let your wedding be the first one!

Can the dance floor make or break the party? We have to admit the party lasts much longer with a packed and lively dance floor. Dancing is something that keeps you in the present moment, so when you have most of your guests dancing the night away, the phrase “time flies when you are having fun” rings true and before you know it you hear the last song of the night.

You do not need to have a group of professional dancers. People naturally enjoy moving their bodies to music (and if you don’t, message me and I will get you there) but there are some factors involved that can leave the dance floor feeling a little flat. Good news is, it can be avoided!

Here are some tips on how to make sure the dance floor for your wedding keeps the party going all night!

1. Take song requests ahead of time.

Ask your guests when they RSVP, what is one song that will get them dancing. This will help you put together a playlist (or send over to the DJ) that you know your guests will enjoy.

2. Add a flash mob or surprise dance to get the dance floor started.

This is a fun way to start the dance floor off strong and is entertaining for your guests (both watching and participating). You do not need to have any dance experience. If this is something that interests you, I work with your abilities so that you and your wedding party and/or guests are feeling your best on the dance floor with a customized dance (yes even if you have “two left feet”).

3. Choose a DJ that knows how to read the room.

Check reviews before booking, chat with them and make sure you are on the same page.

You can give them a full playlist of songs or just tell them to go with the popular hits. You can also tell them what songs you do NOT want played (ex. Chicken dance, YMCA etc). Most importantly, your DJ knows how to switch things up in the moment, going with the flow of the vibe and willing to take song requests from guests the night of the wedding.

4. Consider a choreographed First Dance.

This is a beautiful way to enjoy the moment with your partner instead of focusing on how many people are watching you sway for 3 minutes. It is inspiring and entertaining for your guests, setting the tone for a dance-filled evening. You do not need any dance experience to impress your guests and feel great on the dance floor. Read more about this service in my blog here.

Let me help you get the wedding dance party of your dreams! Message me via my contact page or email at

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